Current Information

This page is just for STC members to access information and documents about our current shows. Here's some information about our current show (and beyond):


14 to 17 November

It’s the night before Hogswatch...
The auditors of reality hate human belief. They want it gone. And who better to start with, at Hogswatch, but the Hogfather himself?
But who can keep belief going and make sure the sun will rise?
Death, and his granddaughter Susan, that’s who.
You’d better watch out....

We were the first people ever to dramatise the works of Terry Pratchett. We've staged about 20 and they've all sold out, so hopefully this one will do the same, with a bit of encouragement!

The dropbox links below take you to a first draft of the rehearsal schedule so you can see when the key dates are, and to a version of the cast list as it currently stands, along with a note of who's on when.

And in 2019..?
27-30 March - DOGG'S HAMLET, CAHOOT'S MACBETH by Tom Stoppard
Dir. Cesca